How To Make It Big As A Rock Band

Do you have a musical talent? Many struggling musicians find themselves lost in the jungle which is the music world. What do you have to make it big? If you are thinking of starting your own rock band or launching yourself as a solo artist, you really need to sit down and think about what makes the music industry. It can be said that Serbian rock band The No Smoking Band and their frontman Emir Kusturica did that. But, yet they have become a very popular band and played in front of some large crowds both at home and abroad.

How did they get there? Looking at the rise of Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Band, you can quickly tell that they did not go about in the traditional way. Most bands think that the recording industry is going to bring them fame and fortune. However, things are changing. If you want to find both fame and fortune in the music industry today, you may have to think outside of the box. Taking a look at the rise of Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Band, that is exactly what they did.

How Do Artists Make Money?

Things are changing for even established artists. The truth is that even established bands such as U2 are having a hard time keeping up with the times. Once, all you needed to have was a couple of huge hits and release an album or two, and you would make a fortune. That is not any longer the case. Thanks to the Internet, music can now easily be streamed. We are uploading music left right and center, and to be honest, it is not only musicians who make money from their music. Thousands of bloggers and other computer nerds also make money from music. There is absolutely nothing illegal about uploading other music to popular sites such as YouTube.

Most artists make money from touring. Huge amounts of money can be made from touring the world and performing to crowds. The sales of CD’s and other ways of selling music has sharply declined. When you compare the sales of music to the popularity of songs, it will make you wonder how certain songs become popular these days and how artists make money. Performing is certainly the best way to generate revenue.

You Must Have A Unique Talent

The music industry remains a very crowded market place. Because of the Internet, it is also becoming increasingly crowded. Now you don’t have to go into a record store to buy your music anymore. You simply wake up in the morning, say to yourself you fancy some tunes and you switch on whatever digital device you have handy. Before you know it, you are listening to tunes that suit your taste in music.

This is very much where Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Band fit in. They have realised that it is all about building up your own fan base based on your unique talent. In many ways, it is next to impossible to mass market music. Instead of “being sold music” people very much search for music to fit their own taste. This is behind the rise of many artists.

Using The Internet To Market Your Music

Can you use the Internet to market your music? Of course, you can use the Net to market your own personal brand of music. There are many stories out there about music and artists who have gone viral and become the latest sensation after one song. That is seldom true. Most of the artists who eventually make it big online work hard at it. If you want to make it big, you don’t only need to have a special talent such as Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Band, but you also need to be your own promoter.

It is a bit like a writer writing a book or an artist producing a painting. Don’t for one moment assume that these people have produced just one piece of work. If you really want to showcase your talent, you need to produce lots of material. An artist will know that there are horses for courses out there. Not all people will love that landscape you produced but they may love the quirky portrait of your dog. Producing lots of material is the essence of marketing your offerings.

Set Up A YouTube Channel

Once you have a collection of music that you can be proud of, you need to start the rest of the process. This means setting up ways of promoting your music online. One of the best ways to do so is to set up a YouTube channel. You may not sell your music in the traditional way to music lovers, but you can certainly earn money from your channel. Apply Adsense to your account and or one of the other profit sharing networks, and you can still make money from your music.

Should I produce a CD? You could do it, but it is expensive. Instead, you are better off investing your money in some nicely and smartly produced videos. This is very much going to help you to sell your music. If you look at leading artists, you can soon tell that they are in fact turning their music videos into mini movies. A good song with an interesting storyline and a great video will help you to sell your musical creations.

Learn How To Honk Your Own Horn

The American expression ‘honk your own horn” can help you to create further interest in your music. Many artists these days set up their own music blogs or websites. They share their talent, tell their fans how they got and create a personal story. The personal story is something that you should not neglect when you want to sell your music. Yes, it is true. No matter what you say, or how much of a talented musician or songwriter you are, people still buy people. In other words, you need to learn how to share your life.

Writing about yourself may not be easy. The good news is that you can always get help from someone who has experience in writing. In fact, you need someone who knows how to promote you. Once you have that unique background story, you have something more solid to build a base on. I don’t know if this is what Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Band did deliberately. Whether they did it intentionally or not intentionally, it is very much what happened and it helped them along the way. And yes, this is indeed a band with a very unique story. They seem to create not only good music but empathy with others as well.

Who Will Make Millions?

The truth is that musicians are going to find it harder to make millions these days. Artists who have been turned down by people like Simon Cowell have still gone on to do well, but not make millions. It just goes to prove that the music industry has changed. No longer do you need to rely on having to be spotted, you can “put yourself out there” Once again, take a look at the Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Band, and you will see this is very much of what they did.

An artist does not have a right to make money. Stop and think about it, and you will soon realise that this is an industry just like any other. If you don’t keep an eye on the business part of your music, you may even not make a lot of money. Don’t worry, it has happened to the best of them. Even Lady Gaga had to learn that going on tour and making music is not a license to print money. Did you know that she almost went bankrupt after one of her tours?

That does not mean you should get a business manager, they will want a commission and you are better off keeping that money yourself.

We all need a little bit of help. The Internet is an earnings opp for many of us. Did you know that even girls from cheap London escorts agencies make money online. Many London escorts are very smart and market both products and their own unique talents online. Who knows some of the talented singers and performers that you watch may even be London escorts.

The Final Word From Me

Where am I going with all of this? Basically what I am trying to tell you is that anyone, London escorts as well, has an opportunity to showcase and make the most out of their special talents thanks to the Internet.

Ask yourself what is your unique talent and how can you put it to work on the Internet. Who knows, you may just become the next online sensation just like so many others before you. However, don’t forget, you still have to be professional about it.